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Lisante service
we process the bamboo to reduce the plastic in industrial production.
the natural evolution of bamboo in an industrial and eco-sustainable environment

Leading company in the green sector, specialised in the processing and characterisation of bamboo

Green innovation

Sustainable solutions

We are the first company in Europe specialised in the processing and characterisation of bamboo. We provide sustainable solutions for the industry, respecting the environment and the planet.

Evergreen forest

Inexhaustible source of “vegetable steel”

Bamboo forests, in addition to providing “vegetable steel”, purify heavily polluted soils and release large quantities of oxygen into the air. With its rapid growth, bamboo is an inexhaustible source of precious material, and has the potential to replace the need for wood.


Short and eco-sustainable supply chain

The Group

The Company is part of the Autosped G Group, active in the transport, logistics, vehicle construction, canning industry and major sporting events sectors.